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Hagley wedding
Hagley wedding yellow cabose
Hagley wedding first look

Rebecca says, "The wedding day in late April was truly a fairytale.  After months of planning, the big day was finally here!  The weather was perfect- just as Kerry promised it would be.  :) With spring blooms emerging and the sun shining down, we were surrounded by the best crew of family and friends - exploring the extensive beauty of the Hagley property there was a ton of laughter and excitement for the main event.  We even got to include our beloved dog, Sundance! Our 'First Look' was one of the most moving experiences of the entire day and reaffirmed just how excited we were to get MARRIED!"

"Hand-crafted decorations, our gorgeous rustic cake display, and the wine theme for the day reflected how much love & support we had in putting this day together as well as who we are as both individuals and a couple.  The ceremony went by in an instant and having our first photo as wives was just incredible.  It gave us a minute to really soak up the moment and celebrate our marriage!  The overwhelming love from everyone there was indescribable.  Having an opportunity to catch up with friends & family, from near & far, was incredibly special and we will cherish the entire day for the rest of our lives.  It was a perfect day and we couldn't be more grateful to everyone who was involved."